East Loddon P-12 College

East Loddon Values the 4 Rs: Respect, Responsibility, Resilience, Relationships


East Loddon P-12 College is a well established school of approximately 260 students. It serves the towns of Dingee, Mitiamo, Raywood, Serpentine and surrounding areas. 

The location of the College provides a spacious and healthy environment with nearly all students travelling to school by bus. 
The surrounding community is reliant on rural industries and has contracted significantly due to the effects of rural demographics and prolonged drought. 
The College is uniquely positioned to provide support to families who may be isolated from a range of service providers. The College has an experienced staff of teachers and school support officers who have come to know the students and their families well. The P to 12 nature of the College allows students to move through their education in a caring and supportive environment. 
The College offers a broad curriculum with a strong focus on literacy and numeracy. Many extra-curricular activities enhance the program including career planning, student exchanges, cultural, sporting and social events as well as Information and Communications Technology as a learning tool. 
The College faces the challenges of maintaining and enhancing the curriculum that is offered in order to meet the needs of the rural student.