East Loddon P-12 College

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Notebook Computers / iPads

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Students at East Loddon have access to a variety of technological devices that assist in curriculum delivery and learning. 

Pre-Year 2 students have access to a bank of school-owned iPads that get used in a variety of different classes, including literacy and numeracy rotation sessions. 

Years 5-8 and Years 9-12 students have access to notebook computers to assist in curriculum delivery. They are a core component of implementing the Math Pathways program. STudents lease a notebook computer over four years and have the option of purchasing their computer at the end of this time. Students can also purchase and bring their own device which is linked to the school network.

Appropriate Use:

Students are expected to follow the terms of use of Education DEpartment and school's Digital Devices Appropriate Use policy/progam. Failure to do so can lead to the opportunitty to access devices be removed for a period of time. 

See below for the policy: (content to come)