East Loddon P-12 College

East Loddon Values the 4 Rs: Respect, Responsibility, Resilience, Relationships

Past School Leaders

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  Principal School Council President  Prefects (P) / Student Reprentative Council (S)  / School Captains (SC)
1951 John Hendry Gibb Shaw No students Nominated as leader  
1952 John Hendry Gibb SHaw "  
1953 John Hendry Gibb Shaw "  
1954 John Hendry Gibb Shaw "  
1955 John Hendry Ron Coutts "  
1956 John Hendry Ron Coutts  
1957 Michael Nott Ron Coutts "  
1958 Michael Nott Hilty Twigg "  

Michael Nott, Colin Gleeson

Hilty Twigg Marie Richards Walter Laurie
1960 Colin Gleeson Hilty Twigg No Record  
1961 Colin Gleeson Hilty Twigg No Record  
1962 Colin Gleeson Hilty Twigg No Record  
1963 Russell Evans Hilty Twigg (P) Jennifer Watts, Coral Hercus, Mary Challis, Faye Lawry John Ryan, Ian Manley, Neville Lister, Ron Laird
1964 Russell Evans Hilty Twigg (P) Coral Hercus, Pam Dunstone John Ryan Ron Laird

Russell Evans,   Jack Davies

Hilty Twigg (P) Heather Gamble, Joy Stratton John Boyd, Max Carson

Russell Evans, Bruce Williamson

Hilty Twigg (P) Heather Gamble, Joy Stratton John Boyd, Brian Twigg
1967 Laurie Davis Don Pickles (P) Brenda McArthur, Glenda HoPPPPP Phillip Watson, Kevin Collett
1968 Laurie Davis Don Pickles (P) Judy Meighan, Julie Mossop Jeff Mitchell, Tom Smith
1969 Laurie Davis Don Pickles (P) Melva Laird, Jill Davidson Peter Miles, Ron Lister
1970 Laurie Davis Don Pickles (S) Kerryn Miles Brian Duffy
1971 Les Todd Don Pickles (S) Dianne Hamley  
1972 Les Todd Don Pickles (S) Jan Lea, Phillip Hercus John Penny (Pre)

Vin Toomey. Neil Gill (Primary Prin.)

David Hawker (S) June Illingworth Ken Hellsten

Vin Toomey, Neil Gill (Primary Prin.)

David Hawker (S) Judy Stuart Neville Miles
1975 John Brook David Hawker No Record  
1976 John Brook David Hawker No Record  
1977 Trevor Steer David Hawker No Record  
1978 Trevor Steer David Hawker No Record  
1979 Trevor Steer David Hawker No Record  
1980 Trevor Steer David Hawker No Record  
1981 Trevor Steer David Hawker No Record  
1982 Trevor Steer Peter Humphries (S) Michelle Lawry Craig Niemann
1983 Trevor Steer Peter Humphries No Record  
1984 Trevor Steer Peter Humphries (S) Rosaly von Schram Joylene Cadzow
1985 Phillip Anthony Robert Hooke (S) Sue Hetherington Sandra Bird
1986 Phillip Anthony Robert Hooke (S) Julie McDonald Adele Laird
1987 Phillip Anthony Robert Hooke No Record  
1988 Phillip Anthony Tony Doolan (S) Brad Miles Corey McDonald
1989 Phillip Anthony Tony Doolan (S) Tanya Canfield  
1990 Phillip Anthony Tony Doolan (S) Mandy Nally  
1991 Phillip Anthony Jan Harris (S) Christine Gronow, Mark Gay Brent Mitchell
1992 Phillip Anthony Jan Harris (S) Anne-Mariw Roberts Sonia Hocking
1993 Phillip Anthony Robert Chant (S) Alison McClymont Adam Hutton
1994 Phillip Anthony Robert Chant (S) Natalie Roberts Janelle Anset

John Blair, Marie Noelker

Robert Chant (S) Bianca Neate Matthew Penny

Marie Noelker, Neville Sharpe

Robert Chant (S) Christie Evans Ben Johnstone-McCloud
1997 Neville Sharpe Vivienne Fazulla (S) Brooke Tuddenham Clinton Raynel
1998 Neville Sharpe Vivienne Fazulla (S) Lauren Ray Barry Hope
1999 Neville Sharpe Vivienne Fazulla (S) Rebecca Miles Scott Bissett

Neville Sharpe, David Heatherall, Bill McEwan

Sue Bennett (S) Emma Perry Tom Leech
2001 Bill McEwan Sue Bennett (SC) Chevron Foley Daniel Smith

Marie Noelker, Bill McEwan

Sue Bennett (SC)Abbey Harrison Ben Govett

Marie Noelker, Brad Maddern

Sue Bennett (SC) Lore Arthur Bradley Sleeman
2004 Brad Maddern Sue Bennett (SC) Janna Leech Dale Gladman
2005 Brad Maddern Sue Bennett (SC) Tammy Sayers Andrew Gladman
2006 Brad Maddern Sue Bennett (SC) Felicity Davidson Leon Mudie
2007 Brad Maddern Sue Bennett (SC) Breanen Lea Daniel Thomas
2008 Brad Maddern Sue Bennett (SC) Kyndalin Smith Jacob Nicholas
2009 Brad Maddern Dale Lewis (SC) Kara Thomson Matthew Smith
2010 Brad Maddern Dale Lewis (SC) Elizabeth THomas Dylan Thomas
2011 Brad Maddern Dale Lewis (SC) Kellan Smith Billy Sexton
2012 Brad Maddern Dale Lewis (SC) AMy Mountjoy Riley Thomas
2013 Brad Madden Dale Lewis (SC) Mikhaila Columbus Sam Davis
2914 Brad Maddern Dale Lewis (SC) Tessa Sexton Lachlan Twigg
2015 Steven Leed Dale Lewis (SC) Leah Davis Nash Thomas
2016 Steven Leed Richard Hicks (SC) Alyce Falls Damien Hughes
2017 Steven Leed Richard Hicks (SC) Nakeya Mountjoy Jacob O'Neill
2018 Steven Leed Richard Hicks Jo Cartwright James Verley
2019 Steven Leed Richard Hicks Jessica Demeo Stephen Verley
2920 Steven Leed Richard Hicks    
2021 Steven Leed Richard Hicks    
2022 Steven Leed Richard Hicks   Levi Ryan
2023 Steven Leed Richard Hicks Stephanie Demeo Joshua Diss