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Interviews with Vietnam Veterans

As part of our learning about the Vietnam War, we have interviewed different local Vietnam Veterans.

Keith Hocking

Mal Gilmour

Mal Gilmour is 

Rob Webster

Rob Webster is currently president of RSL Victoria. Rob was called up for National Service when he was 20.

Ian Anderson

Ian Anderson is currently president of the East Loddon RSL Sub-branch. Ian went to the Vietnam War when he was only 19 and was part of the Signals Corps, where he was responsible for radio communications using ciphers. He remembers Vietnam being very steamy and raining all the time. Ian served 12 months in Vietnam and was involved in civil affairs, resettling villages and building houses. He went to Malaya for 2 years after Vietnam and helped to train troops going to Vietnam. Ian commented that returned soldiers from Vietnam were not recognised by the RSL until 1986 and even had stones thrown at them. However, he noted that now soldiers are well supported both while touring overseas and when they return home. Ian also shared some great photos from his time in Vietnam.