East Loddon P-12 College

East Loddon Values the 4 Rs: Respect, Responsibility, Resilience, Relationships


The Student Representative Council provide a voice for the students on a range of school and wider community related issues. The views of the students are considered by School Council and college leadership. 

We have a huge group of students this year because we have stepped away from the way we have elected SRC members in the past - imembership has been opened up so that anyone from 4-12 who wants to be on the team can be. This does mean we have classes that are more represented that others, but we aim to have passionate members, meaning things will get done.by students who are interested in making a strong contribution. 


Message from the Executive Comittee 2024:


SRC Members 2024




(Executive Committee)

Ned Cartwright, Alexandra Fletcher, Mason Hocking,
Isaac Johnstone-McCloud, Charlize Sinclair, Amy Tomic


Shyann Wilson


Jorja Lawry, Emily Sinclair, Keira Tuohey


Ella Bolwell, Paige Johnstone-McCloud, Kyen Maxted, Georgia Pascoe


Caleb Taylor


Campbell Harcourt


Chelsea Adams, Penny Balic, Lucia Ferres,
Ruby Gray, Payton Heath, Joseph McDonald


Leith Boston, Holly Gleisner, Jemma Lenton, Emily Lister,
Reese Pascoe, Logan Roberts, Olivia Twigg, Jake Wiltshire


Dusty Balic, Diezel Hemming, Ned Hocking, Ruby Hocking,
Emily Hughes, Bridget Lawry, Cataleya Lilley, Hazel Phillips,
Annemarie Smith, Ashlyn Warren, Ivy Wickham

Staff Coordinator


Samantha Heaslip



SRC 2023

  SRC coordinator: Chelsea Harrington. 

  SRC President: Libby Clymo   Secretary: Sam Hicks   Treasurer: Gemma Maxted

President's Message

Hi I’m Libby, the school’s Student Representative Council (SRC) President.

The SRC plays an integral role in advocating for student voice at the school. We have a strong history of fundraising for causes both inside and outside the school environment. We have conducted events like free lunches, encouraged uniform changes and investigated canteen menu options.  

Being on the SRC is a chance to develop leadership skills and I strongly encourage students to consider nominating for a role in the future.                     

Student Representatives:

VCE: Libby Clymo, Gemma Maxted, Sam Hicks

Year 11: Amy T.

Year 10: Ireland T., Max G.

Year 9: Keira T., Jorja L.

Year 8: 8A: Angus A., 8B: Paige J-McC

Year 7: Isaac F., Archer K.

Year 6: 5/6S: Ruby G, 5/6H: Ava W.

Year 5: 5/6S: Georgia H., 5/6H: Tom T.

P-4 Sub-school: Emily L., Xavier T.