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School Sport Days

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Swimming 2023: 

Due to restrictions regarding participant numbers (we had too many students for Mitiamo Pool) this year's swimming sports were transferred to Pyramid Hill pool. In glorious weather we had a great day with a range of traditional and novelty events.

Congratulations to EVANS house for their overall victory on the day.



Cross Country 2023: 

Under a beautiful Autumn sun our students headed off to complete their cross country runs. Participation was high across all year levels, leading to one of the tighest scored points finishes on record.

Year Champions:

Prep: Hagen H, Isla H     Year 1: Jack P, Mary S     Year 2: Owen H, Piper E     Year 3: Tyler C, Bridget L     Year 4: 4 Xavier T, Reese P     Year 5: Jack H, Penny B     Year 6: Oliver L, Zali C

Year 7: Max H, Ruby C     Year 8: Alex L, Ava R     Year 9: Joe K, Keira T      Year 10: Fynn, C Marley A     Year 11: Cade T, Daisy S     Year 12: Jaxon A, Bridget V

House Results:

1st – Laird - 902pts     2nd – Evans - 829pts     3rd- Long – 745pts     4th- Shaw - 711pts

The title going to LAIRD house - congratulations!


Athletics 2023: 

The end of August saw the house athletics sports being run - the first time since 2019 due to COVID, floods etc. Once again we were very lucky with the weather with the almost spring sun providing a little sting but great weather for the competitors. Students particpated well and there were over 30 records broken!! 

2023 Athletics Age champions

Year 3: Bridget Lawry, Tyler Cook     Year 4- Abby Smith, Xavier Tweed     Year 5: Ava Weeks, Jack Hocking     Year 6: Georgia Hancock, Travis Smith     Year 7: Ruby Cullen, Oscar Balic     

Year 8: Jayde Chappel, Alex Lister     Year 9: Sianna Thatcher, Joe Ketterer     Year 10: Marley Addlem, Tyler Murphy     Year 11: Daisy Stringer, Mason Hocking     Year 12: Bridget Verley, Jaxon Addlem

House Results:

1st- Long – 1462      2nd – Laird - 1304     3rd- Shaw - 1231     4th – Evans - 1188

Congratulations to LONG house for being overall winners on the day.

The athletics sport day is the final school-based sport day for our year 12's. This year, as so often in the past, their 'farewell' theme was pretty awesome (SHAW house is always happy for the extra support wink)!


Regional Days:


Champions 2023